The Sheet Mask Challenge

Yes, a challenge with those sticky fabric-like papers you put on your face (they’re more important than you think). In our culture, the power of a sheet mask is completely underrated. Most of us don’t even bat an eye in their direction at beauty stores. But what if I told you they are the key to achieving baby soft skin. Not only that, but you’ve been using them completely wrong.

What are sheet masks?

Sheet masks are typically found in rectangular packets at beauty supply stores and drugstores (they also can be found online). Each packet contains a fabric-like material soaked in yummy substances: serum and essence. Also, did I fail to mention that the fabric-like material is made to fit your face. Anyways, every sheet mask is made differently and is to be applied as a facial mask.

How are they beneficial?

Sheet masks are really popular in K-beauty because of their mysterious workings into the skin. Dripping in amazing ingredients (literally), these sheet masks have an array of benefits because there is a sheet mask to fit every one of your needs. There are masks for brighter skin, moisture, hydration, firmness, elasticity…the list literally goes on. I bet you’re wondering what’s really in those sheets and I’m here to tell you. Sheet masks are filled and soaked in serum, essence, and other moisturizing products but serum is the primary ingredient.

How should they be used?

It’s simple, apply it on a clean face (before or after moisturizing). The only downside is that sheet masks are one-size-fits-all so it might not fit your face perfectly. To get the best results, begin applying the mask on your forehead while lining up your eyes with the openings. The goal is to have the mask smoothly placed on the skin appearing as a second layer of skin. Wait 10 to 15 minutes then take off the mask (DON’T WASH IT OFF) and go on with the rest of your life.

What is the challenge?

NOW PRESENTING THE ULTIMATE SHEET MASK CHALLENGE (drumroll please). To complete the sheet mask challenge, you must do a sheet mask everyday for one week. So every morning (for one week), I need you to rip open that packet like the boss you are and apply your mask. On the first day, take a picture of your skin to compare your 7th day results to where you originally started. After the week is over, I would recommend adding sheet masks to your skincare regimen, doing one 2-3 times a week.

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