Summer Skincare Regimen

I’m sure we can all agree that summer is great, but before you begin tanning, it is important to take note of the effects the sun has on our skin. These extra hours of sun time can prove to be pretty harmful if your skin is not in the proper condition. For starters, the sun’s UV rays can accelerate the rate of wrinkles, cause hyperpigmentation, and leave us with (”our favorite”) sunburns. The heat exposure can also make the skin excessively oily and uncomfortable. However, with this summer skincare regimen, you and your skin will be ready to roll out that pool towel.

Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is important because it gets all of the debris out from under your skin. With double cleansing, you are literally washing your face twice. It might seem pretty excessive, however, it is very beneficial in this blazing hot weather. First, you want to wash your face with an oil cleanser to not only free your face from your daily makeup but also from the oils in your hair. Although often overlooked, the oils from your hair extensions (or your hair in general) will make their way to your face leading to possible breakouts and skin irritation. The same goes for scarves and bonnets (oils from your scarves will transfer to your skin blah blah blah) which is why they should be washed weekly. You then want to rinse your face and follow up with either a foam or gel cleanser to get all of the extra dirt. I would highly recommend cleansing the face twice a day: cleansing the face once in the morning and double cleansing at night.


If you thought it ended with double cleansing then think again. Exfoliating is a crucial step in this regimen to keep your skin vibrant and smooth. It not only gets the extra debris that your cleanser missed but it also goes deep within your pores to remove the dead skin cells. Doing this allows your moisturizer to better penetrate your skin, making it even more effective.

Tone it up

A toner is a water-like substance and should be applied with a cotton pad or spritzed on the face as a mist. It is good to follow all of the cleansings and exfoliating with a toner to add a layer of protection under the skin. This protective layer shields our skin from the harsh environment. Since our skin tends to be a little acidic ranging from a 5 to 6 (on a scale of 0 to 14) a toner can act as a pH balancer. It is also a really good pore shrinker. (come on who wants large pores?)

Lightly Moisturize

The ending is near; however, we’re not quite there yet because we have to moisturize. This is not the season for a thick moisturizer so don’t get ‘moisturizer happy’. However, you want one heavy enough to keep your skin from being dry while not leaving your face a grease ball. Moisturizing your skin is a must because it reduces the chances of skin problems. Similar to a toner, a moisturizer can act as a barrier to protect your skin from outside forces; however, the barrier is thicker. Although it can be seen as a protective agent, a moisturizer is more for nurturing the skin to decrease imperfections.


In a level of importance, applying SPF is the most essential step in this summer regimen. I know I talked about how both toners and moisturizers provide protective barriers for the skin yadda yadda yadda. SPF is the ultimate skin protector because it shields the skin from the sun’s UV rays. These rays can make the skin age faster and increase your risk of skin cancer. So before you run outside, be sure to apply an appropriate amount of sunscreen.

With a few tweaks (or a vast transformation) in your current skincare regimen, you will most definitely be ready to face the sun. Yes, you can lay back on your towel and resume tanning. And no, you don’t have to run and hide in the shadows (anymore). Embrace the sun (with SPF). This skincare regimen takes care of the rest because when you’re wearing Pretty Hair you should compliment your extensions with a pretty face.

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