3 Reasons Why You Should Get Hair Extensions

With summer in the palm of our hands, now is most definitely the perfect time to wear extensions. Whether you want more volume for your upcoming vacation, a change in length for when you’re laying by the poolside or even a new color…. Whatever look you want, hair extensions are your little genie granting you all your hair wishes. After reading the rest of this post, you would be silly to say no to extensions.


For those of you who want a new hair color, however, scared of the commitment, extensions are here for you. Changing your hair color can be very stressful…for starters choosing the “right” color can be nearly impossible, especially if you are planning to dye your natural hair. Even physically dying hair is not an easy process, it’s more like an experiment: it’s time-consuming, there’s a possibility of hair breakage, and it can be pretty expensive. However, with extensions, those problems fade away. You can achieve any look with any color you want all in the blink of an eye (or a click of a button). If you think you can be bold and rock platinum blonde for a day, then do it. With hair extensions, you can get a totally new look and if you don’t like it, don’t worry because you can always change them up. It’s that easy.


You want added volume? A change in length? Well, extensions are here to make all your hair fantasies come true. For those of you who are contemplating over whether or not you should cut your hair (and you’re not committed) then don’t cut it. Keep your hair and rock a bomb sew-in bob. Or if you want added length, then get freaking hair extensions. Not only can you have voluminous and lengthy hair, but you can also flaunt any style you want. If you are struggling to find the right extensions for you, go with the Brazilian loose waves by Pretty Hair. This hair is versatile and can be worn either curly or straight making it the #1 choice for consumers on our website.

No Heat Damage

Amidst all those summer plans, intensive hair maintenance/ an intense hair routine should not be one of them. For those of us who are traveling, working out or laying by the poolside, keeping A1 hair seems like mission impossible. No matter how many times you press your natural hair, it looks like the world does not want it to be maintained. This constant pressing can cause heat damage and ultimately destroy your strands. Unless you want thin hair and a ton breakage from too much heat, I would highly recommend extensions. Installing a weave would fix that heat damage problem because there is not much to maintain, in other words, there is less heat on your real hair. Imagine achieving a flawless look without taking thousands of trips to the salon (and spending a lot of money). You can literally go from enjoying luxurious curls to flipping bone-straight hair without panicking over hair damage.

Hair extensions are truly a girl’s best friend. There are so many pros: they are comfortable, quick, reusable, versatile, and at Pretty Hair, they’re also affordable. You are literally one purchase away from your dream style with top quality bundles by Pretty Hair!

Happy Shopping!

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